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How can we cope with the Stuffocation of Christmas?

Fri, 27 Nov 2015 18:22:09 GMT

I've got some ideas, but I'd love to hear how you all do it… I have to be honest: the tree looks a bit weird without loads boxes underneath it. I feel a bit of a Bad Dad. But I have to keep reminding myself: (1) we can't afford all that stuff (in terms of money or space!) (2) it won't make them happy…

Fri, 27 Nov 2015 21:17:30 GMT

I wish I had a good answers for this. I tell people not to get me anything but they do anyway. It is really hard to give someone a present that is something they will really love. For kids it is nearly impossible since the toys today are nothing but junk plastic.

Sat, 28 Nov 2015 12:49:22 GMT

I've always thought - purely aesthetically - that one or two really beautifully wrapped gifts look much nicer under a tree than dozens and dozens of shiny, hastily-covered objects.

Wed, 02 Dec 2015 09:12:59 GMT

Why not go back to "the good old days" but with a twist. I used to received things my parents would have bought me in the usual run of things but they were saved up to Christmas Day. So a pretty t-shirt, some new socks, some crayons and a colouring book etc. These are all things which we need and use and to make them special, just buy something less prosaic - superman socks, Frozen colouring books, a silk t-shirt. A special mug. But now, in the days of experiences perhaps we need to look for memorable presents so family day out "of your choice" (EVERYONE has to go...even Dad/Mom) or a one-on-one weekend with just Mom/Dad all to yourself. I can't stop giving gifts at Christmas because the main recipient of joy is me (not because of the presents I receive but because of the presents I give :) ).