Press reviews

“Compelling” — Daily Telegraph

“Particularly timely … [Wallman] is spot on” — Daily Mail

“Persuasive… clever” — Financial Times

“Incisive, passionate, persuasive… Wallman writes in an engaging, fluid style” — The Sunday Business Post

“The revelations come fast and furious… Tart and often funny… erudite… an eye-opener… A scintillating read that will provoke conversation”— Booklist

“Like The Tipping Point meets Freakonomics – but with a huge idea at its heart. Fascinating, inspiring, and great fun to read.” — Laura Atkinson, Sunday Times

“Wallman perceives a new flowering of resistance to the siren lure of physical commodities” — Guardian

“Experientialism, as Wallman calls it, will define our future just as materialism has shaped our present” — Observer

“Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Achieving happiness through consciously chucking out or flogging off what we no longer need … If I can purge my wardrobe of half its contents, then I will be happier, just as Mr Wallman predicts” — Janet Street-Porter, Daily Mail

“Clearly argued and contains plenty of interesting case studies” — Independent on Sunday

“A reasoned and passionate argument for culling the clutter and plugging into the joys of experiential living” — Kirkus Reviews

“Written in an engaging voice and packed with entertaining titbits, Stuffocation is a superb look at what makes us happy… as inspiring as it is thought-provoking and engaging” — Scotcampus

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