Stuffocation in the media

The Zeitgeist? With the sort of coverage so far, it certainly looks like too many people think they have too much.

Stuffocation has featured on and in…

  1. MSNBCThe Cycle
  2. BBC One, The One Show (the BBC’s flagship popular current affairs TV programme; watch from 6.24)
  3. BBC Two, Newsnight (the BBC’s flagship serious current affairs TV programme)
  4. Channel 4, Sunday Brunch
  5. Channel 5, The Saturday Show
  6. ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), The Drum: click to watch here
  7. CNN, Parable of the city: how buying more gives you less
  8. CNN, Is ‘Hotel California’ the future of work?
  9. BBC Radio 2Steve Wright in the afternoon (the second biggest radio show, by audience, in the UK)
  10. BBC Radio 2 – The Chris Evans Breakfast Show (the biggest radio show, by audience, in the UK)
  11. BBC Radio 4 – Saturday Live (featured guest alongside comedian Ruth Jones)
  12. BBC Radio 4 – Woman’s Hour
  13. New York Times, Thoreau, The First Declutterer
  14. WiredThe Weird Way Facebook and Instagram are Making Us Happier
  15. Wall Street Journal, The Cult of Tidying Up
  16. TIME, The Joy of Less
  17. TIME, Are you on the verge of a ‘clutter crisis’?
  18. The Sunday TimesWhat’s up for 2013, an article on trends
  19. The Sunday TimesToo much stuff!
  20. The Sunday Times, How I found £5k in my wardrobe
  21. The Sun on SundayAre you stuffocating?
  22. The Financial TimesYou have to be there
  23. The TelegraphHow to edit your wardrobe and avoid stuffocation
  24.  Red, article on experientialists by Ruby Warrington
  25. Fast Company, Fast Co Exist, Stop Accumulating Stuff And Start Accumulating Experiences
  26. Salon, Your stuff can kill you: how hoarding creates death traps
  27. On countless US radio stations, from New York to Baltimore, Washington DC, San Francisco, Phoenix, including:
  28. Sirius XM Progress, The Michelangelo Signorile Show
  29. WPAT-AM, KTYM-AM, Talk with Audrey
  30. Sydney Morning Herald
  31. Greenfield Daily Reporter, Avoid ‘stuffocation’: get rid of your junk
  32. The Portland Press Herald, Sea Change: A dog and an aunt teach wisdom of living with less stuff
  33. Omaha World Herald, What to do with ‘stuff’
  34. Times of India
  35. Pune Mirror, Decluttering your house
  36. The Australian, How to downsize your wardrobe
  37. The Daily News Online, Spring arrivals offer plenty of good reading material
  38. Irish Times, Don’t buy stuff. Do stuff
  39. Publinews (Guatemala), ‘Stuffocation’: un estilo de vida que aún se puede evitar
  40. RTE
  41. Dave Fanning Show
  42. The Independent Online (South Africa)
  43. The New Zealand Listener, The age of experience
  44. Good (women’s magazine in New Zealand), Book review: Stuffocation
  45. Radio New Zealand
  46. Business Insider, Take this quiz to find out if you have too much stuff
  47. BBC News, “Viewpoint: The hazards of too much stuff” (most shared article, with more than 11,000 shares between midnight Friday and midnight Sunday)
  48. BBC Radio 5 Live
  49. BBC World Service – the Weekend Show
  50. BBC Radio London – The Robert Elms Show, The Yasmeen Khan Show, The Harriet Scott & Tim Arthur Show
  51. BBC Radio Wiltshire
  52. BBC Radio Wales
  53. BBC Radio Scotland
  54. BBC Radio Leeds – The Mark Forrest Show
  55. Absolute Radio
  56. Monocle, Monocle 24 radio
  57. Evening StandardEnough already, we’re stuffocating
  58. Church Times, The message is ‘Less is more,’ more or less
  59. The Observer, broadcaster Mariella Frostrup talked about Stuffocation in her weekly column
  60. The Observer, broadcaster Lucy Siegle talked about Stuffocation her weekly column
  61. The Observer, Stuffocation review: James Wallman’s antidote to consumerism
  62. The Observer, Decluttering: a load of junk?
  63. Woman & Home, Overwhelmed by too much stuff (not available online)
  64. Marketing WeekThe marketing trends for 2014
  65. Marketing WeekHave consumers had enough of stuff?
  66. Business Life (British Airways magazine), Stuffocation: is it time to declutter?
  67. High Life (British Airways magazine) (article not online)
  68. Contagious, Stuffocation (not available online)
  69. Take a Break (UK’s biggest women’s paid-for magazine, by circulation)
  70. Grazia (article not online)
  71. Metro News (Canada), On consumerism, trash and the ‘stuffocation’ of our world
  72. L’Agefi (Switzerland), Stuffocation
  73. Bang & Olufsen customer magazine, Think big, live small (not available online)
  74. Quintessentially magazine, Small is beautiful (not available online)
  75. Mr Porter, Something for the Weekend e-newsletter, What to read
  76. Mr Porter, The Knowledge – Spring-clean your closet – The author of Stuffocation: Living More With Less on when to hold ’em and when to throw ’em
  77. Stylist, Emerald Street e-newsletter, Who still bothers with Christmas cards?
  78. Viewpoint (magazine about trends), Life through an app (not available online)
  79. Management Today, The human urge to hoard is not on the way out
  80. The Independent, Paperback reviews
  81. The Debrief, 2015 IS GOING TO BE THE YEAR I FINALLY DITCH “STUFF”‘: CONFESSIONS OF A REFORMED HOARDER by Evening Standard columnist Rosamund Pike
  82. Daily Mail, De-clutter my life? I tried — and failed: Minimalism be damned! JANET STREET-PORTER says her junk’s a treasure trove of memories
  83. Ahmedebad Mirror, Chuck out the clutter
  84. Daily Mail, Why be happy when you could be shopping?
  85. Mail on Sunday, Are you being stuffocated? How to declutter your life and live more with less
  86. The Telegraph, Stuffocation: Living More with Less by James Wallman, review: ‘wait for the documentary’
  87. The Telegraph, Why it’s time you threw out the Christmas tree
  88. The Telegraph, Couples everywhere are rowing over clutter
  89. The Guardian, Stuffocation: Living More With Less by James Wallman review – the power of experiences
  90. The Guardian, Reading tips for 2015 and James Wallman on the perils of possessions – books podcast
  91. The Guardian, Spend less on stuff, more on experiences
  92. The Big Issue, James Wallman: How to live more with less stuff
  93. Time Out London, Less is more: eight ways to declutter your life
  94. The Metro, The art of de-stuffocation
  95. Elle Decoration, featured “what I’m reading” book by editor Michelle Ogundehin
  96. Red, The Bin Bag Declutter Method
  97. Grazia (France), J’ai testé : le minimalisme
  98. The Mirror, How to declutter your house and your mind this spring
  99. Sundsvalls Tidning (Sweden), Tid är viktigare än saker
  100. 7 Sur 7 (Belgium), Souffrez-vous de stuffocation?
  101. Saga magazine
  102. Business InsiderTake this quiz to find out if you have too much stuff
  103. Workforce ManagementJames Wallman Interview: Experiencing Stuffocation
  104. Sunday Style (Australia), If we downsize and de-clutter our lives can we get more out of life?
  105. Sunday Style (Australia), Why emptying out the clutter in your life is better for you in more ways than one
  106. Big Issue, Pause: How to live more with less stuff
  107. Courier MailWhy we’re a nation of hoarders
  108. Cumhuriyet (Turkey), Tüketelim derken bakın nasıl tükeniyoruz
  109. Dagens Næringsliv (Denmark), Roten til alt rot
  110. Klikk (Norway), Aldri mer kleskrise med disse tipsene

And more that we need to update — especially in the Netherlands and Belgium!

If you see Stuffocation mentioned on TV, hear it on the radio, or see it mentioned in a newspaper, magazine etc, please let us know and we’ll add it here. Please email

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