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If you have stumbled upon our website, clearly, you know that reviews are an important prerequisite to buying an item. So before you trust us to help in your decision, you must be naturally wondering: What is Reviews Mode all about?

Read about us here to know the faces and people behind the words that make up the reviews on Reviews Mode.


We are users and consumers just like you. Initially, we would also search for reviews before investing our money into any item.

However, in the current scenario, the major difference now is that we have a platform large enough where we have put together a team of writers who can convey our experiences through words. We are a team of passionate and motivated writers and reviewers who understand our audience and wish to offer them the best that is available in the market.


Often, it is believed that the more expensive an item, the more reliable it will be. But is it always necessarily true?

Sometimes, it so happens that a relatively cheaper product may offer the same features and durability and could be lacking the glamorous brand name! You could be getting everything you want, plus saving on some cash. And who doesn’t love saving their money?

But how will you find such a product and, more importantly, how will you trust this item without having tried it?

The answer is simple – You read the reviews of both the objects and make the comparison.

Similarly, you could be getting an object for a fairly low price and you may be extremely tempted to buy it. But it bears a brand name that you have never heard of. On the other hand, the same item is available under a brand, which has been dealing with manufacturing that item for decades.

It may be possible that you could be investing in a shoddy product just to save a few bucks but in the end you might entirely regret the purchase since it may all go to waste. Maybe the product does not function as advertised, or maybe it stops working just a few hours after the warranty expires!

So how can you protect yourself from being cheated this way?

The answer, once again, is simple – You read its reviews of both the objects and make the comparison.

As we said before, reviews are an important part of the buying process. We know that reviews can make or break a product or a brand image. Everything a prospective buyer hears or reads about an item helps them form an opinion that may push him towards making the purchase or drive him away from the thought.

A balanced review that measures out the pros and cons of the item while outlining the features encompassed within the product can give you a clearer idea. Now based on these reviews and your personal parameters (which could be your product expectation, budget, etcetera) you can come to form a more informed decision as to whether you should go ahead on buying the item or not.


Keeping in mind how reviews can help form buying opinions and how users have to refer to an average of 3-4 websites before deciding what to purchase, we decided to float Reviews Mode – a one-stop repository for all your review needs.

Gone are the days when we would have to contact a friend or a relative or a friend’s relative or even a relative’s friend to get second hand review through word of mouth. With the magic of internet, everything is easily available online and Reviews Mode will be the single destination for you before you make any of your purchases.

Our most important asset is the dedicated team who knows what is best for our readers.

Also, since it is impossible to try out every possible product that is out there in the market, we also have a team of researchers who scout the internet to contact and learn from the feedback obtained from genuine buyers. We understand their customer expectations and the experience that they got in return.

Using the data that our research team has curated and collected, our writers translate it into useful and readable information that is made available to all! Our writers give due consideration to the suggestions and recommendations made by the genuine users we have surveyed. All of that rich material presented to you in simple language and no fuss!

Reviews Mode is an arsenal of information for every user and consumer who plans on buying something. If a product exists, there is a high chance that it has been reviewed on Reviews Mode. Apart from offering you a variety of reviews for most products available, we also offer a range of other important and necessary information related to your purchase.

Along with our reviews, we have a useful buyer’s guide, which can come handy to you whether you are shopping online or offline in a brick and mortar shop. Our buyer’s guide will outline even the smallest but the most important tips to keep in mind when you are out making your purchase or shortlisting the items. A thorough reading of our buyer’s guide will make you a subject expert on the item.

Last and most importantly, we offer you the most important foundational element – TRUST!

Our reviews are absolutely genuine. We hold no biases against or towards any brands. We only believe in the quality of the item and are unafraid to build bridges of praise or throw rocks of criticism and it will all be a part of fair play.

We understand the position of responsibility that we hold and no greed or temptation can stop us from putting the truth out there for all to know. We do not wish to take undue advantage of the trust that you bestow upon us while referring to our reviews before putting your money into it.

So that’s all that you need to know about us. However, if you are still curious to know more, feel free to contact us!