The mission : an Experience Revolution

Stuffocation is just the start. I want to kickstart an experience revolution.”— James Wallman

The problem

We face a problem in the world today. The runaway success of our throwaway, materialistic culture has led to a situation where millions of us have so much stuff – and record levels of stress and status anxiety – that we are questioning capitalism, concerned about the environment, and feeling Stuffocation.

The Solutions

The solution is to upgrade our culture from materialism to experientialism – to discard our throwaway culture, and replace it with a new way of living that’s based on the simple truth that the best place to find happiness, identity, status and meaning is not in material goods, but in experiences instead.

The Method

Stuffocation will achieve this by sparking an Experience Revolution in the hearts and minds of the three groups who shape the world: people, businesses, and governments. Read about these 3 routes to the experience revolution here.

The Result

If we all – people, businesses, governments – embrace this experience revolution, we can achieve in this century what our ancestors achieved in the last.

Just as materialism and the consumer revolution hauled billions out of poverty and delivered standards of living for the masses that would have sounded ludicrous in the first decades of the twentieth century, so experientialism and an experience revolution will do something similar this century.

The experience revolution will generate advances in well-being and quality of life that might sound, today at least, like wishful thinking:

  • less stress
  • less work
  • more enjoyable work
  • more time with family and friends
  • more time for the things that really matter
  • happier, healthier, better lives.

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